Afia Schwar Reveals Her Favourite ‘Atopa’ Style in Latest Video?

It is unclear what Afia was seeking to display, but it looks like she was exhibiting her favourite ‘atopa’ style in the said video.

She holds the banana in a way, and as if communicating something to her fans and followers, she puts the banana in her mouth as if to bite it but she only licks it and brings it out again.

Afia Schwar herself shared this video to her Instagram page and wrote: “Eat banana, it is very healthy.”

But the video has angered most of her fans rather than amuse them because they believe it is a bad thing for Afia to do in public.

belinda.quarm: “Is it so necessary putting this type of video on social media?”

Some of her fans have also wondered the kind of example Afia is setting for her children.

Lamu and KKB, for instance, prayed that Afia Schwar’s children would not see this.

lamukaame“really sad!! I hope his children are not on insta…#bananaeatingchallenge catastrophic.”

kkbscammer“Foolishness, what are u teaching the kids? Nonsense.”

Rya believes Afia needs God’s intervention in her life

rya_aa23: “God have mercy on you. Went through your profile and I must say life itself is tired of you.”

To Daniel, what Afia was doing was purely nonsense.

tjdanieldaniel: “Old woman stop those Nonsense.”

Afiba plainly told Afia that that was not how to eat a banana.

_they.know.afiba_: “Get manners cuz that ain’t how to eat a banana.”

Kwame and Sotelo believe what Afia was doing was shameful

kwame5starr“@queenafiaschwarzeneggeryou no get shame!”

sotelo234“Old shameless woman.”

There are over five hundred comments on this video which indicate that Afia’s fans and followers are not happy with it.

Afia Schwarzenegger has always been in the news for controversial reason.

She recently launched an attack on a Kumasi-based pastor who allegedly insulted her.

Afia threatened to burn the pastor’s church if she should locate it anytime soon.

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