Why Actress, Vicky Zugah Thinks Churches Are Leading Couples To Hell

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Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has said that many churches are causing married couples to go to hell.

Zugah who was speaking on Angel TV said the rampant fornication before marriage among the youth in churches will lead them to hell.

She blamed the fornication by the youth on the church leaders who take them through their pre-marital counselling session.

She said the laws they are asked to abide by during the process only causes them to sin.

“Some of the laws which have been enforced by these churches are just too much sometimes. Some of the laws somewhat pave way for sins… You tell couples to-be not to engage in sexual activities but most of these partners to-be are so anxious and wanting to really know themselves well so they will rather fornicate secretly and that is what God dislikes.”

She said the church counsellors and other stakeholders must amend the rules to suit the present age.

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