Actress Moesha Boduong Comments on Hypocrisy

Moesha Budong


One of Ghana’s Popular actress Moesha Boduong Is Baffled With The Level Of Hypocrisy We Live In.The world today is full of hate. People would rather highlight the ‘wrong’ one commits and not to praise an honorable act. That said, Moesha Boduong is expressed her concern at the level of hypocrisy we live in. She took to her IG page to call out her critics and what their hypocritical societal standard “sees to be wrong” in her activities.

Read her post below.

“I am absolutely baffled by the level of hypocrisy we live with as a people; it just never ceases to amaze me! I think I have finally come to the point where I am deaf to all the noise, because I can see right through it.

As a society we re so fond of spreading negativity, pointing fingers, pushing mundane agenda and never for once giving that same credence and credulity to the positive things!

So when I do something that their hypocritical societal standard “sees to be wrong” i will get those who are Twins with Jesus to come and blast me into pieces (200 + comments on a particular post) yet not even 10 comments on when we fed the kids this December, nor any other good thing we have done.

I guess that doesn’t count! See your y3y3 self!! Shame!! Push the positive as much as you sell the negative; at least you owe it to your audience to give them a balanced reality! Spread Love not hate. It used to be if someone’s Yawa comes, real people will cover them and help

Them get through it because that is a basic human attribute; to feel for others and know that it could be you or someone you love! Today We go digging for dirt so we can come and dirty our neighbour, Well done.. lucozade will be awarded you in Heaven!! What do you gain from dragging one down, does it lift you up!! #SayNoToHypocrisy #SayNoToNegativity #SpreadLove #NotHate oya come and insult me again, I have said ma peace!! Have a blessed week ❤️everyone”.

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