According to King Ayisoba — ‘90% Of Ghanaian Politicians Smoke Weed’

The last person to make such a claim, Blakk Rasta, got himself into hot trouble when he was hauled before Parliament’s Priviledges Committee and he apologized profusely.

Now King Ayisoba has made a similar claim, but he didn’t even limit his claim to just parliament but he says 90% of all politicians smoke the international herb.

Ayisoba, speaking with Nii Attractive, said he smokes weed himself and see nothing wrong with it. He then added that he believes a lot of politicians all across the continent of Africa smoke it themselves.

King Ayisoba

When pressed by Nii to name a percentage of Ghana’s politicians who patronize weed, Ayisoba went straight to 90%.

Why do so many people think our politicians smoke like that? Where there’s smoke…

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