I Accepted Special Prosecutor Job To Safeguard The Interests Of Every Ghanaian- Amidu

The Special Prosecutor (SP) nominee, Mr Martin ABK Amidu  claimed he accepted the offer of the Special Prosecutors’ office given to him by the President because he wants to defend and protect the national constitution, and safeguard the interests of the ordinary Ghanaian.


According to him, the office of the SP was key to the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian citizen as it borders on the protection of national resources.

“This is to demonstrate that my acceptance of the position of SP is not because of status but it is because of high ideals which I attach to making sure that the ordinary people of this country can have the benefit of the resources of this country by stopping the leakages and slippages that has gone on since the coming to force of the 1992 constitution”.

Mr Amidu made the remarks when he appeared before the parliamentary vetting committee Tuesday at the parliament house in Accra.

Giving a brief background about himself, Mr Amidu told the committee that he accepted the Special Prosecutor job in order to protect the national resources that have reflective effects on the Ghanaian citizen. According to him, his acceptance of the job would also help to prevent coup d’etats since corruption, bribery and mismanagement of the national resources are the ready excuses of coup makers.

Mr Amidu, who vehemently defended his acceptance of the SP job said his acceptance was partly influenced by his desire to protect the country’s constitution.

“When I left office in 2012, I decided to dedicate myself to the defense of the constitution”, he stated, adding he contributed to the drafting of the 1992 constitution of the country and would not be happy to see the constitution abrogated through coup d’etats.

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