Here Are 8 Tips On How To Eat And Drink Without Ruining Your Lipstick

Regardless of whether it’s simply winding calmly, or eating out on a date, it’s constantly such a hustle re-trying your lipstick from time to time.

Your either in risk of having it smear or getting it on your teeth and resembling an entire oaf, which isn’t the best initial introduction on a date or anyplace.

Here is how to eat or drink without ruining your lipstick:

1. Make sure your lips look healthy and moisturized.

Basically, the first step is to take

care of them, chapped dry lips underneath layers of lipstick just make things worse.


2. Get a good lipstick.

Mattes will last longer than satins and glosses. Pencils will last longer than mattes.


3. Set your lipstick.

Dust translucent powder on top of your lipstick. To ensure it doesn’t smear on your chin, powder your chin as well.


4. When eating, cut your food into smaller bits with knife and fork.

Choose your foods wisely, ensure they can be cut into smaller pieces. If you want to go for a hamburger, there’s really not much you can do, if you plan on eating it conventionally.



5. Try to bite things with your teeth more so than wrapping your lips around it.


6. When you’re drinking, use a straw.


7. Or lick the rim of your glass where you’re drinking.

This will ensure that your lipstick won’t stick to the glass and leave a mark.


8. Or you can decide to forget about it, and redo your lipstick later.


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