8 ‘Powerful’ People Who Have Been Fingered With Ibrah as His Money Laundering Accomplices

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018. news broke that popular Ghanaian young millionaire, Ibra Money, has been arrested.

Ibrah was reportedly arrested at his plush East Legon mansion when he least expected.

According to an earlier report on Ibrahim Daouda, as Ibrah is known in real life, was snitched on by a friend.

Some of the many cars owned by Ibrah on display

According to the report, Ibrah had earned a colossal sum of $1.2m from a money laundering deal and was supposed to give his friend $400,000 but he refused.

Out of anger, this friend, whose name has been given as Stephen, reported Ibrah’s activities to the police and he was eventually arrested.

Apart from splashing his wealth on social media, Ibrah is also on record for giving out free 10 iPhone X to passengers on board a commercial vehicle as part of his birthday celebration.

Since his arrest, Ibrah has threatened to expose all others with whom he was doing his money laundering business with.

So far, Ibrah has mentioned the name of a Ghanaian blogger, Jojo, who he has claimed is one of his many accomplices.

According to Ibrah, the last transaction he made was with this blogger Jojo.

Other reports have it that, Ibrah has threatened to expose New Patriotic Party member, Kennedy Agyapong, also as his accomplice.

Apart from the two names Ibrah is said to have mentioned, it would interest readers to know that Ibrah was not arrested alone.

According to information sighted on a USA-based website, WKBN.com, Ibrah was arrested with 8 other ‘powerful’ people.

Here, we bring you the names of these 8 people.

1. King Faisal Hamidu

2. Kwabena M. Bonsu

3. Kwasi A. Oppong

4. Kwame Ansah

5.John Y Amoah

6.Samuel Antwi

7.Nkosiyoxoxo Msuthu

8. Cynthia Appiagyei.

We are following this development with a keen interest and will update readers with the full details of the people mentioned.

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