8 Important Things To Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur

dating an entrepreneur

These are the vitals things you should know before going into a relationship with an entrepreneur.

We are crazy focused

We are not ignoring you, I swear, we are just focused on each task as we attack it. If we do not reply to your text for hours, please do not take it personally. When we are replying to you, you have our full attention.

We take calculated risks

You might find our approach to life a little like a white-knuckle ride. However, do not worry; our risks are calculated, not reckless. You would not jump into the sea if you did not know how to swim, right? Well neither would we. It is just that we have learned to push the walls of our comfort zone further out because that is how big strides are made.

We tend to be ‘all or nothing’ at everything

Go hard or go home. There is no such thing as a ‘sort of business person.’ You are or you are not. Yoda knew it, and so do we.

Our downtime is sacred

When we do let ourselves unwind, we are investing time in our mental and physical health. This is very important to us, as time is the only truly finite resource we have. This time is for nature, reading and deep conversations. We do not want to watch trash TV, but we will not judge if you do. Just let us do our thing.

We have no time for moaning

Many entrepreneurs, even the serious looking ones in suits, deeply believe in the law of attraction. We look for the positive in every situation and do not have time for moaning. To our minds, focusing on negativity only brings more problems into our lives. If something is wrong then we find a solution, learn a lesson, or just get over it.

Ambition is our aphrodisiac

To an entrepreneur, there is nothing sexier than ambition. If you are passionate about life then you have come to the right place. If you have no ambition, think twice before going on a date with an entrepreneur.

It is about the freedom, not the money

We can be misunderstood and seen as greedy. This tends to be because business success results in financial gain. What many people do not realize is that the money is not the end goal. Rather it is the time freedom that money affords us. Think about it…

We are shameless dreamers

If you are a “realist,” then please do not ask us out on a date. We will only disappoint each other. Entrepreneurs are dreamers, yes, but we are also doers. So do not expect us to be ashamed of our mindset, because we have the actions to back it up.

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