8 Daddy and Daughter Goals With TooSweet Annan And Daughter (Photos)

One of the best blessings from God to humanity is children.  As the saying goes, children are a blessing. Most especially when one is ready for them.

There are many celebrities, both foreign and local ones who make having children look so adorable.

They just can’t have enough of their kids. Each day, most of them turn to their social media pages to express their loves for their wards.

They post beautiful pictures of themselves and the children with beautiful and captivating messages.

We realized that, most of these celebrities, especially the males, whenever they talk about their children, they do so with extreme love.

They all seem to be singing the same song. “The birth of my child has changed my life a lot”, most of them say. Most especially, those who were involved in one controversy or the other(formerly called bad guys).

Another thing which has become more or less like a trend among these celebs is that majority of them are not married to the mothers of their babies. We pray this changes soon though.

This notwithstanding, we see them showing all their love to the kids through the various social media platforms.

TooSweet Annan Bio

One of such celebrities we came across is TooSweet Annan.

He is a Ghanaian actor and a fashion supremo who has scooped awards as best dressed celebrity actor etc.

He has starred in so many movies. There are some who refer to him as ‘the ladies’ Man though.

Well, the guy is cute.

However, aside his love for his jobs, he’s known to love one thing most in his life-his daughter.

Novanna is Too Sweet’s four year old daughter.

She’s cute, adorable and very intelligent.

We caught a few daddy and daughter moments with the two and thought of sharing them with you.

Check them out below.










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