75-year-old Man Covers 8 Kilometers Spreading Campaign Messages With A Bicycle (Photos)

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Vrajlal Valodara has reportedly stood for elections for 36 times and lost all within the last 50 years of his life at both the national and local levels, but has refused to give up.

The old man uses a loudspeaker fixed to his bicycle to spread his campaign message to the electorate.

He covers about six to eight kilometres with the branded bicycle on daily basis just to make sure his message gets to the people


Vrajlal Valodara does not belong to any of India’s major political party, because he said they have not achieved anything, but only “looted the country.”

He said that “I am not concerned with victory or defeat, but my only intention is to divide the votes of BJP and Congress. Politicians have only minted money by remaining in power and looted the country.”

He said he got such an amazing support because “I work for people. I go to the offices of mamlatdar and municipality to get people’s work done. It is because of this selfless service that people vote for me.”

The first support for his ambition comes from his family. He said “My family never interferes in my work. They don’t campaign for me, but are very supportive of my cause.”

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