7 Signs That Tells You’re No Longer A Youth

Here are signs that you’re are aging and not a youth anymore:

1. You now love tea of all beverages.

Remember when you used to take just 1 cup of tea? Or drink liters of soda? Well as time goes by, you now find yourself taking cup after cup of tea, just like your grandpa.

2. You go to bed early.

Did you use to sit all night chatting and watching a movie? Now you find yourself sleeping as early as 8.00 pm? You are aging pal.

3. You wake up early.

When you were in school, morning sleep was the sweetest thing ever. You found the idea of waking up early not so appealing. But now, you wake up early; you are all mature my friend.

4. You now hate loud music.

There was a time you liked loud music, you could feel good when the speakers were blazing. You liked public places with loud music, but you now find that irritating – well you are aging bro, don’t worry.

5. You now appreciate slow good music.

Do you find yourself tapping your feet to jazz music now? You used to “hate this kind” of music, but now it’s your favorite. Well, you are now aging, enjoy.

6. Your idea of fun is a movie alone in the house.

You used to go hiking, swimming, riding but now you find your idea of fun is a movie alone in the house. You aging gracefully.

7. You are cold all the time.

When young you feel active all the time, you stay with light clothes, your blood is hot, but now you feel cold all the time even when it’s not cold. Well, you are aging slowly you are not young anymore.

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