7 Serious Questions Arrest Of Men With Explosive Bombs Has Sparked

Ghanaians were met with shock after the arrest of three men supposed to have strong links with Islamist State (IS). Police officials at Odorkor in Accra found 7 pieces of grenades in the possession of these men.

7 serious questions arrest of men with bombs has sparked

Hours after their arrest, the security analyst and international relations expert, Ibard Ibrahim revealed that these men are returnees of ISIS in Libya.

The security analyst reveals that the men, who are returnees from Libya were also yielding bombs from the fallen state of Libya for isolated attacks on Ghana.

“A careful look at the seven grenades this consult has seen so far points to the fact that they are military grade MK2 explosives capable of causing damage within a radius of between 150 and 200 meters on impact,” he revealed.

We explore some key questions that most Ghanaians are asking over this development:

1. Where exactly did these men come from?

2. What was their intention of wielding these bullets?

3. What is the origin of these bullets?

4. Are there any trace of terrorist in their chat profile?

5. Where do they live in Ghana?

6. Could they have bullets implanted around other secret locations?

7. Are these all the bullets on them?

So far, the only Ghanaian believed to have joined ISIS is the graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) – Nazir Nortei Alema.

Meanwhile, the Ghana police service is calling on the general public to help with information and tip-offs on any persons acting strange enough to be suspected of planning an attack on the soil of Ghana.

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