7 Rules to Have a Great Conversation on a Date

Many men don’t know how to talk to Russian girls or other girls, get to know them and spend time together. After all, the most important thing is to start a conversation, and then communication will be easier and freer. Therefore, you have to decide on how to start a conversation and what to talk with a girl about on a date, surprise her, and seduce.

In the article, you will learn more about what is best to talk with a girl, how to communicate with her and make a good impression.

  1. Don’t be afraid.

If a girl agree on a date with you, then you are interesting to her. Believe me, the decision on whether there would be a relationship between you or not, has already been accepted by a girl. You just have to develop the level of trust, to show that you are a normal guy, and it’s done. Better think about whether YOU need a relationship with this person.

  1. 99% is not 100%.

Don’t consider her yours until you have sex with a girl. Dates can end not so good as you imagine.  So, don’t rush things.

  1. A normal guy is not a “cute friend”.

You’re not spineless or a mamma’s boy. If a girl begins to overestimate her importance and use manipulation, change the situation to your advantage:

-“You know, I’ll be late for half an hour.”

-“That’s ok. I have time to solve one thing.”

  1. She worries as well.

If you think that a girl is a snow queen with an icy heart, you are deeply mistaken. Women are shy creatures by nature, so she is also in a state of excitement.

  1. Listen to what she says.

A woman feels when you are interested in her story and when you are not. So ask her what you really want to hear. Don’t ask any possible question just in order to be silent. This is wrong. Always look into her eyes and load into the story that she tells you. Everyone wants to be listened to. And if a young lady realizes that you don’t care about her words, she will not want to tell you anything else.

  1. Take the initiative.

A woman doesn’t like to make decisions and be responsible. She will wait for action from you or from another man if you can’t. Never ask a girl, for example, “May I invite you to dance?”,”May I kiss you?” etc. Just lead the dance and kiss.

  1. Don’t ask a lot of questions in a row.

It looks like an interrogation. Therefore, as soon as a young lady stops speaking, tell something about yourself. Let her listen to you and relax.


What to talk about with a girl on a date

Keep in mind that for any person, and even more so for a woman, the most interesting topic for communication is the girl herself and everything that is associated with her.

What can you ask a girl on a date? Anything!

  • How her day was.
  • What she ate for dinner.
  • Ask about her work.
  • Talk to her about the stars. Both those that in heaven and those that are shown on television. This topic is really interesting for girls.
  • Ask about what a girl likes: music, movies, food, when the last time she had a vacation and how much she was interested there.
  • Tell about yourself.
  • Tell interesting stories from your life and add irony and humor.
  • Ask and tell about relatives and friends.
  • About childhood. It is a great topic for conversation. What a girl liked in her childhood, for example.
  • What animal she likes.
  • Whether a girl believes in destiny or she is convinced that we are the creators of our own destiny.
  • Is she a morning person or a night person?
  • Where does a girl come from?
  • What season does a girl prefer?
  • What kind of sport does a girl like?
  • Ask what the sign of the zodiac a girl is. By the way, studying the signs of the zodiac is a cool pastime.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to communicate with a girl on a date. And, actually — it is absolutely simple, pleasant and fun. Good luck!

Thanks to our friends from J4L.com for providing this article.

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