7 Reasons Why Ladies Turn Down Marriage Proposals

The beauty of proposals is that getting a yes signifies the beginning of a beautiful story.

Some men have no idea how to avoid the ‘NO’ answer. Men should know that the smallest things can cost you the love of your life. You need to show a bit of seriousness. If you are doing these things, your girl will most likely reject your marriage proposal.

Here are 7 reasons why girls turn down marriage proposals:

1. Choosing an unpleasant location.

If you want to propose to your girlfriend, plan in advance, and surprise her if she loves surprises. You can do a simple engagement surprise even with a limited budget. Location is everything if you want her to remember that special moment. You now know fast food joints are a no-no going by the last trending video. Do not go for a location where someone is likely to step on your toes or where air circulation is similar to that of a cave. Look for a picturesque venue with good ventilation and space.

2. You kept her waiting for too long.

Do not take too long before going down on one knee. Why would you propose after 10 years of dating? Were you business partners or lovers? She will probably have given up.

3. She doesn’t feel you as a husband.

Do you work hard? Do you pay your bills? Are you responsible? If you are not able to handle these three key things, then you are not husband material. No woman wants a guy who has to wait for mom to pay for everything, who drinks himself silly, or one whose mom has to call to make sure he attends all his appointments.

4. You made dating only about fun.

At times, girls date for fun, or for the convenience of a relationship. If you never showed interest for a lifetime commitment, then don’t expect her to miraculously start seeing you as husband material.

5. She’s in love with someone else.

If you’ve been dating, and you propose to her and she says “No” she could probably have someone else whom she loves. You were probably just a fling; all that time. Although, I can bet that in such cases, your proposal came too early. Get to know someone well before you take that step.

6. She’s afraid of commitment.

Have you been talking about the future and you notice that your girlfriend ignores the topic? Don’t propose at such a time. Give her time and if it takes too long, walk away.

7. She’s too young.

If your girl is below 25 years, then you might want to hold off before proposing. Allow her to develop her career and have fun with her friends.

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