7 Mathematics Topics That Gave Us Nightmares Back In High School

The degree of nightmares varied from “I don’t understand one topic” to “I don’t understand anything at all”. Nobody could escape mathematics all through high school because it was compulsory. Here are the mathematics topics that made students lose their minds back in high school:

1. Word problems

This topic seemed to combine the very worst from all other topics. Who doesn’t remember:

If one train leaves Station A at 50 km/hr going south and another leaves Station B at 70 km/hr going west, what is the name of the train A driver’s father’s uncle?

Like, how are we supposed to know??

2. Differentiation and Integration

For those of you who have forgotten this topic and think “hey, this can’t be really bad”, do you remember “dy and dx”? Remember how the questions went:

….crazy symbols…some numbers…all the letters in the alphabet. And it ends with find dx and dy.

You’d be wondering when you started learning English in Mathematics.

3. Trigonometry

It seems mathematics was made to torture people mentally. We bet some of you still get shivers when you hear sine, cosine and tangent.

4. Probability

Remember when mathematics tried to make us learn gambling, sorry, probability? We were inundated with:

A jar contains 5 red marbles, 7 black and 8 yellow. What is the probability of pulling out a rainbow coloured marble while your brain catches fire?

5. Arithmetic and Geometric progression

Mathematics loves fancy words like progression to lure you in. Imagine a question like:

If 3, 9, a form an arithmetic progression and 4, a, b forms a geometric one. What is the value of your suffering expressed in b?

6. Logarithms

With this topic, you think because they gave you a table with all the potential answers it would be easy. LMAO! Remember:

Find the Log 16 to the base 0.5.

Then your brain explode.

7. Quadratic equation

Maths was good till they introduced the alphabet into it. Like who combines English and sums?! We still remember the headache that accompanied:

Find x when X² + 3x -12 = 0

Our brains haven’t recovered yet.


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