Here Are 7 ‘Job Titles’ Men Have That Are An Immediate Turnoff To Women

You meet a great guy, at least you think so until he tells you his occupation and you start wondering if what he does really brings in any cash.

Let’s face it, not many jobs bring in as much money in Africa, there are not too many options if you want to thrive well employed.

While there are many exceptions out there, it’s still really hard to take some job titles seriously. We respect men more who claim to be doctors, engineers, or advocates.

Check out these Jobs:

1. A rapper or singer.

Besides a few top artistes in Africa, there aren’t many success stories in this category. Moreover, it makes you seem like a wannabe ‘waiting on your big break’, after many failed attempts.



2. A DJ.

This is super cliche. Basically, they won’t be available most evenings, while they flirt with girls who ask featured songs ‘for their birthdays’.


3. A Photographer.

So basically, many women friends, also very cliche, your ‘studio’ is probably your bedroom, and your editing tools are Instagram.


4. A Model.

How much do models make again? Not enough to expect any crazy fancy dates or gifts. Also, they probably meet a new woman every day at their jobs.


5. An artist or sculpture

Dating a full-time artist whose art isn’t particularly famous, and who spends time and money on making art that doesn’t always get sold, would be a bit frustrating.


6. A footballer, basketball player, or player of any other sport that doesn’t bring in as much money in Africa.

Unless he is a thriving runner in Kenya or a famous footballer it’s hard to believe that a full-time sports player can earn a sufficient living, enough to even afford a relationship.

job titles

7. An actor.

Umm, unless he is on TV occasionally or doing well in the theater department (which is still quite rare) this career choice may need a lot of patience from any female partner, before seeing any financial result.


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