7 Goldfields Workers Arrested After Clash With Military

Some aggrieved workers of Goldfields Ghana Limited clashed with the military Monday following a demonstration over the company’s decision to lay off some of its workers.

Scores of the mine workers hit the streets in red and black attires to protest against the management of Goldfields over the move.

However, the demonstration turned bloody after the protestors clashed with the military, with seven of the workers being arrested in the process.

The management of Goldfields is on the verge of laying off over 2,000 of its workers, having obtained a court ruling backing the decision.

However, the mine workers have strongly kicked against the move, accusing management of Gold Fields of compelling them to sign letters of redundancy immediately after a court ruling.

They subsequently decided to protest against the move, but ended up clashing with a joint police and military force who interrupted the demonstration.

The military and armed police personnel, who were dispatched to the company’s premises to restore calm, fired warning shots and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The actions of the security forces led to many casualties, with some of the protesters getting injured whiles seven others were arrested.

“They have hit a lot of our colleagues. One man has been hit in the head and as at now I don’t know where he is, they took him away in a taxi,” one of the protesters said.

Meanwhile, the management of Goldfields says they invited the military to protect its employees against the protesters, who they described as “a small minority”.

“Some military personnel were deployed at the main access gate to protect employees from outsiders and a small minority of employees who are opposed to the contract mining module who have attempted to forcibly disrupt the process,” sections of a statement from Goldfields read.

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