$600m Needed For 100% Electricity Coverage In Ghana – VP Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Monday said Ghana needed 600 million dollars to achieve 100 percent electricity coverage across the country from the current 85 percent.

He said the Government had set up measures to empower it to carry out this aim with the next three years, which would encourage its job creation and mechanical motivation and guarantee success for all Ghanaians.

He said infrastructure advancement was the building obstruct that would impel the nation’s financial improvement, which was couple with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Vice President Bawumia said this during a plenary session on the role of the private sector towards the implementation of the SDGs at the African Roundtable Discussion in Accra on Tuesday.

The event was on the theme: “Mobilising Support and Accelerating Implementation of the SDGs”.

Vice President Bawumia said the private sector should be interested in the SDGs because successful implementation of the goals would create a stable business climate to work and ensure sustainability of their operations..

Therefore every country is supposed to build a strong foundation to make the SDGs, which required those countries to have good investment climate with functioning regulatory bodies to facilitate the process, he said.

“So whatever you do, you must make sure inclusiveness to achieve the SDGs. For instance, in Ghana, we’re prioritising education to make sure everyone, at least, meet senior high education.

“We cannot build an economy that is exclusive, we must build an economy that is inclusive and since independence, the paradigm is shifting from exclusive economy to that of inclusive one whether in the education, healthcare and identifying people.

“What we want in Ghana is ensuring inclusion in everything we do in terms of formalizing the economy to ease job creation.

“We launched the national identification system for easy tracking of individuals. We’re also rolling out the digital property addressing system so that every 5.5 square meters of land or water in the country can be uniquely addressed,” he said.

The VP called for venture from all stakeholders to execute the SDGs since it would give a gigantic chance to the helpless and denied in the public arena to be lifted from the shackles of neediness.

He said the government was making the empowering environment for investment for both domestic and foreign investors, including that a helpful business atmosphere was a key element for work creation to move the satisfaction of the SDGs.

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