6 Top Celebrities Who Were Expected to be at Sarkodie’s Wedding But Were ‘Snubbed’

Africa’s ‘Highest’ rapper, Sarkodie, has had a successful wedding but not without controversies.

Sarkodie had done his wedding strictly by invitation and purely private to ensure that the number of attendees was limited.

After the wedding, an ardent fan of the musician who was very disappointed in him for not inviting him to the wedding asked Sarkodie to only engage those he invited to his wedding the next time he has an album to launch.

The fan named Arabio perhaps expected Sarkodie to at least inform his fan groups of the wedding even if he would not have invited all of them.

Another person who has also expressed disappointment in Sarkodie for not inviting him to the wedding is his own ‘Tema boy gang member’ Criss Waddle.

Criss Waddle has also asked Sarkodie to give whatever new songs he has to only those who attended his wedding.

As a fellow musician and a Tema-based artist, Criss Waddle expected Sarkodie an invitation to Sarkodie’s wedding but that never came to him.

Interestingly, we observed that apart from Criss Waddle and Arabio, there are some other top musicians and friends of Sarkodie who would wish to be at Sarkodie’s wedding but for some reasons were not there.

It could be that they were invited but couldn’t make the time to go, or perhaps they were not invited at all.

Whatever be the case, it is unlikely that any celebrity would want to miss the ‘Highest’ wedding when invited.

We bring to you six of the celebrities who fans expected to be at Sarkodie’s wedding but were absent.

1. Moesha: Moesha Boduong is a friend of Sarkodie, and no doubt their friendship is a good one. Somewhere last year, they were spotted together at the Dubai Airport when Sarkodie was going to perform at the ‘One Africa Concert’.

Again, Sarkodie and Obrafuor sang a song with Moesha’s name, indicating their closeness. Another thing is that Moesha loves weddings. She has been attending weddings recently with the latest one being that of Bibi Bright. Therefore, Moesha would definitely love to be at Sarkodie’s wedding and so if she was not there then it means she was ‘sidelined’ or was not invited.

2. Shatta Wale: The friendship between Shatta Wale and Sarkodie is also a great one, but for some reasons he wasn’t at the wedding. His baby mama, Shatta Michy, too, was not there. Given his ‘all over’ nature and friendliness, Shatta Wale would definitely want to be at Sarkodie’s wedding. However, it seems he was also sidelines or was simply not sent an invitation card.

3. D-Cryme: D-Cryme is also a Tema-based artiste and a very good friend of Sarkodie but was also missing at the wedding. They even collaborated on D-Cryme’s song ‘Koko Sakora’, meaning that they were very good friends and colleagues as well.

However, D-Cryme was also missing at the wedding. But he has sent a congratulatory message to Sarkodie as if to say “even though you didn’t invite me congratulations to you.”

4. Criss Waddle: Waddle has already registered his displeasure with Sarkodie for not inviting him to the wedding. Even though has congratulated him on his marriage, Criss Waddle has also directed Sarkodie to invite his selected wedding guests to his album launch the next time.

5. M.anifest: M.anifest and Sarkodie had not been cool with each other until recently when the ‘Highest’ rapper congratulated M.anifest on his new song on Azumah Nelson. Sarkodie’s kind message to M.anifest no doubt rekindled a warm love between them, and so M.anifest would wish to be invited to the wedding as a sign to seal their fixed relationship. But he was also not there.

6. Mugeez/R2Bees: Mugeez is a very close friend of Sarkodie and he is definitely part of his success story in the music industry given the fact that Sarkodie sang his first hit song ‘Baby’ with him. Therefore, it would be expected that he would be at the wedding, but unfortunately, Mugeez was missing in action.

Another controversy that has rocked Sarkodie’s wedding is the allegation by a lady called Katherine, who claims their hanging cake concept was her idea.

We earlier reported that Katherine disclosed that she had engaged the company, Bigideazconsult, and discussed the cake concept with them but they ignored her along the line and executed the idea for Sarkodie’s wedding.

Katherine was pained and blasted the company for stealing her concept.

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