6 Secrets Every Ghanaian Woman Should Know About Men Before 2018

Men are special beings from God. Without us, there is no humanity – we are humanity. The anatomy of a man has always been mistaken to be masculine, fierce and fearless. Even in our Ghanaian homes and families, we also condition the minds of our boys to be fearless, less emotional and very hard.

Unfortunately, we carry these cultural connotations to our marriages and relationships only to get very disappointed. A man is never what of who you think a man is.

In this article, you shall get to understand who really we are as men and what you need to know about our emotions. This article goes out to all Ghanaian ladies who still don’t understand the anatomy of their man.

1. We think in straight lines, not circles.

Ever wondered why your man uses few words in speaking to you? It’s because that’s exactly how he is programmed by God. To get into the mind of your man you need to use straight words. Go straight to the point. Use simple expressions and facts. These are what catches the thinking process of every man in the world, even Ghana.

2. We are bad communicators

One of the gifts God denied men is the art of communication. A Ghanaian man can be very eloquent like Bawumia but when it comes to relationships he is very lost in communication. Never feel bad when he spends days being silent or sits on the couch watching TV quietly. For all you know he is thinking deeply about you. It is your responsibility to spice things up with a good conversation. Men just talk less, simple.

3. We keep quiet when we are very emotional about something

Men are always silent when something gets wrong. This is a true fact especially when it comes to issues and problems. As women, you will always agree to this development. Men will always be emotional when something wrong hits them so hard. It is for you as a woman to find out whenever he goes off.

4. You live 15 years longer than us

Statistics show that men die faster than women. It is a fact, especially in our Ghanaian families. Visit any Ghanaian family reunion and count the number of older men there. You will realise they are very few or even non-existent. Ask yourself the reason why there are more widows in Ghana today and you will then understand the burden of what we are talking about.

5. We play games

From birth, men are lovers of games. Every man wishes to play hard to win. Even from our childhood, we were nurtured with race cars and video games whereas women were taught the art of nurturing. We are never concerned about anything. It’s all about winning.

6. We are masculine outside but fragile inside

At the end of it all things, one lesson women would have grasped is the fact that men are very fragile and emotional beings. So that the only source of strength is to appear strong and defensive but deep in our hearts we are very much. That’s why it always looks beautiful when a man expresses his heartfelt love for his woman.

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