6 Places You Should Never Woo A Ghanaian Lady

black man wooing a black lady

It’s funny how some Ghanaian men think every place is right to woo a lady. Without even thinking about the appropriateness and time. Regardless of the fact that you may not see the lady again, you should be conscious of the place you intend to hit on her.

Even if she is Miss Ghana, you should not toast a girl at the hospital. You don’t know her purpose at the hospital. You appear from nowhere to woo her. You are just disturbing her and wasting your time as she will not answer you.

At work
You hear what it is called work. She is very busy at work and you still want to collect her number or you want to ask her out? She will just ignore you and at the end of the whole episode, you will be embarrassed. Well, some girls will have pity on you and walk you out.

The Church is a place to listen to the word of God and receive anointing. The same for the mosque. These places are not hubs for chasing women. But it is today. That doesn’t it make right.

Inside Trooto
Imagine in serious traffic (even when there is no traffic) inside one of those Accra rickety buses and these guy sitting beside is trying to get your attention. The girl will even be angry that under such harrowing and uncomfortable situation you are toasting her. What she just want is to get home. You are a distraction. At trooto stations, you see a girl standing in a long queue, you want to woo her. That is a wrong time.

We all go to the cinema for different reasons. Some will go there to search for potential lovers. But the cinema is a place where you to enjoy the movie you paid for and leave. So, enjoy your movie and when it is over you can go talk to whomever you are interested in. Don’t do this immediately after the movie, though.

Her father’s house
When a Ghanaian father sees their daughter with, they think about all sorts of things like she has joined bad gang. Most of which are negative. Hence, quite a number of girls don’t like guys wooing them in front of their father’s house especially if they are meeting you for the first time.

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