6 Fashion Mistakes Ghanaian Ladies Make Everyday

Ghanaian ladies are so much into fashion lately. From clothes to makeup and fashion accessories, everyone wants the glam look.

Unfortunately, a lot end up committing some basic fashion disasters. Below are some fashion mistakes ladies make that ruin their look.

1. Every Dress Is For Every Body Type.

You find one lady wearing a dress and she looks gorgeous, another wears the same dress and looks horrendous and many will ask why. The point is, not every dress is suitable for every body type, therefore you must know your body type and which outfit suits it before going for a particular piece of clothing. If you have the hour glass body, you wear clothes that highlight it by emphasizing on your waist. If you have an apple shape, that is a slender lower body and a much larger midsection, you need to wear clothes that minimize your midsection to creates an illusion of a proportional body.


2. It Looked Good On Akua, It’ll Look Good On Me.

This is one mistake ladies commit every day. Aside body type, designs/patterns on clothes also go a long way in determining how it’ll look on a particular person. For instance, horizontally striped dresses make you look much fuller while vertically striped dresses make you look thinner. Your facial structure also determines the hairstyle that’ll suit you plus the accessories that will suit your face. All these are important in determining how a particular fashion style will suit you.

lesso dress



3. My Dressmaker Can Sew It.

Ladies go on the internet, buy fashion magazines and choose dresses which they send to their dressmakers to create for them. What you must understand is that it’s not every dress that can be sewn by a seamstress. Some of these clothes are Haute Couture and cannot just be recreated with a sewing machine. Some are also machine cut and sewn which makes them extremely difficult to recreate. A case in mind is the dress Moesha Boduong wore to the 2015 4Syte TV Music Video Awards which had been worn by American actress, Keke Palmer a year earlier as shown below.

moesha boduong



4. You Can Wear Anything, Anywhere And At Anytime.

It’s so heartbreaking seeing ladies in dresses with lots of glitter in the afternoon when such dresses are mainly for evening outings where they can be much appreciated. I also find it odd seeing ladies in heels at the beach. Some even go to the extent of taking off the heels and walking barefooted in the sand. There are clothes meant for certain functions, just as there are footwears meant for certain occasions. Some footwears also go with certain clothes while some fashion accessories also go well with certain clothes and events. Know which goes for what and for where so you’ll always be on point.

Ankara beach wear



5. Fashion Accessories Go with Every Type Of Dress.

Fashion accessories are quite tricky but a lot of ladies do not know. Accessories include but are not limited to shoes, bags, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, watches etc. You cannot put on just anything to compliment a dress. Certain types of necklaces are meant for certain dress designs while certain shoes are meant for certain dresses. Fashion rings, sunglasses, earrings etc. are not meant for every type of dress.


6. Once I Have A Makeup Kit, I’m A Pro.

This is so very wrong. Will you say you’re a professional footballer just because you can kick and juggle a ball? Definitely not. You can do your basic everyday makeup but for that glam look, just get a professional. Everyone lately wakes up and calls herself a makeup artiste without even knowing what the whole deal entails. This results in excessively done makeup with some outrageous color combination.

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