55 Ambulances Are In Good Condition For 29million People in Ghana

The country of 29 million people only has 55 functioning ambulances serving all ten regions.

While the situation is not new, it has reached a level that requires urgent action, and not just the attention of health authorities. Ghana currently has 155 ambulances, 100 of which have broken down due to various faults, many of them engine-related.

The remaining 55, are stationed in various parts of the country to offer emergency health responses and basic life support.

There are also 130 ambulance service stations in the country, and each is supposed to have at least one ambulance, but due to the limited number of functioning ambulances in the country, many of the service centers ‘work’ without them.

The National Headquarters of the Ambulance Service in Accra has only four ambulances.

Per the regional distribution, the Greater Accra region has the largest allocation of the scare resource, with nine, while the Central Region has the least number of ambulances, with just two 2, although there are 10 service centers in the region.

The infographic below gives more details of the distribution of ambulances in the country.

The statistics indicate that 1 ambulance is shared by over 520,000 Ghanaians.

That ratio is well above the appropriate ratios of between 1:50,000 to 1:100,000 as suggested by experts.

It is worsened by the growing burden of acute diseases in the country and rising cases of motor accidents.

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