5 Wears Ghanaian Women Should Never Wear To A Wedding!

It’s important to remember that by rule of thumb, when it comes to weddings, never try to outshine the bride. It’s her big day…

That said, you should never ever wear these clothes to a wedding:

1. A white dress

Trying to compete with the bride or what?!

Image: Instagram/ huddahthebosschicImage: Instagram/ huddahthebosschic

2. Jeans

Never ever!

Image by: RackImage by: Rack

3. Club wear

Anything too show-y, too tight, too sparkly, plunging necklines, backless dresses with the bra showing, thong showing…all that, leave it for the club.

Ella mensahPhoto: GoodGyalElla/Instagram

4. Jiggling accessories

Imagine your bracelets making noise during the church service? Go for a subtle accessory instead.

Image: PinterestImage: Pinterest

5. Uncomfortable heels

One tends to do a lot of walking and dancing at a wedding. It’s better to be in comfortable shoes that will give you the walking power and comfort all day and night. A cute wedge is perfect for a garden wedding so that you’re not digging into the grass as you walk.

Image: Pinterest.comImage: Pinterest.com


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