5 Valuable Tips For Building A Successful Career In Technology

The path to a successful career in tech is fraught with many challenges. So we bring you vital tips backed by quotes from experts in the Nigerian tech industry that can help you on this critical journey.

Look before you leap

“Before you choose a career, expose yourself to as many experiences as possible. Don’t be too pressured in making decisions, once you find experiences that resonate with you irrespective of the field, find out everything you can about them.” — Phillip Ese, Head of Innovation, WEMA Bank Innovation Lab

Don’t expect a straight road

Finding a career path isn’t as easy as they say it is. Several individuals quit their jobs and switch disciplines in order to align their passions with work — Egomaron-Jegede, Technical Project Manager MainOne

Opportunities won’t come knocking

You need to be driven because the world owes nobody any favours, you would have to go out there and apply yourself. The opportunities would always come, as long as you apply yourself. — Joseph Sam, Technology Management Professional, IBM

Be hungry for knowledge

You must be ready to learn. All the wisdom of the world is hidden in books. All the things that we want to do, which are novel to us, have been done before and they are in books. — Aderemi Adejumo, CTO Commercio

Nothing beats experience

Nothing cuts through clutter like a portfolio or job experience because employers want somebody with experience. My advice to young people is to get job experience in school” — Chima Okenimkpe, Executive Creative Director at Insight Communications

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