5 Tips That Would Make You A Dating Champion

Many men complain about their romance life. They wish to have more dates or more lasting relationships. Some complain that women are after money and care nothing for real men. What are you missing and what stops you from being a dating champion?


These tips are not the usual ones you read on dating advice sites. They go deeper and uncover true inner things in you. The good news is they are in your power to change and become the champ in dating!

Be accountable

What does this have to do with dating? Well, being accountable means getting your life in order. There is use sitting around and complaining about women. Take a closer look at your own life. Before you get a boost in your romance, you should put your life in order. It’s about your time management, your finances. It’s about being responsible and becoming the man of your word.

Women do chase some guys. They want men who know how to take good care of themselves and their families. They need no big babies looking for sexy sugar mommies who would provide for them, feed them and take care of them. Once you become the better version of yourself, you become a dating champ!

Be accountable

Knock off the competition

Dating is not sports. Other men or women are not your competitors. It’s not about who is the best. Women feel men with large egos and shun them. They do not wish to be a victim on your dating competition list. So, knock it off. Be open and stop comparing yourself or her with others.

Knock off the competition

No expectations for the first date

If you set high expectations for your first dates, you would never end up with the second or third dates. Here is what Tupac Shakur had to say about it:

“I’m not saying girls are perfect, cause we know that’s not true. But why to be unfaithful to her, if she’s always true to you?”

Women are imperfect, so are men. If you look for perfection, chances are you would never find it.

 first date

Rejection? Just get used to it!

Dating is impossible without some measure of it. Some girls will like you; others will hate you. That’s ok. Just keep on trying. Surely, too many rejections is a reason to inspect your life and fix some things in it. However, never expect to be accepted by all and keep your ego down a bit.


Get out of your comfort zone

Dating is not meant to be comfortable. It is challenging. Just acknowledge it. Shy guys have to work on their confidence; arrogant one on their humility. The good thing is it makes you a better person!

comfort zone

So, just take an honest look at your life and fix some things. Become the best version of yourself and that would surely make you the dating champion!

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