The 5 Things Beginner Drivers Should Know

We started this year with an important article on 5 things that new drivers should know. Driving in Nigeria is fast becoming a breeze because most of the time a 14 year old boy sees his father driving his family and decides to try it when there is no one there, other times parents Encourage their children or servants to buy you with the car when it is clear that you have not gone to a driving school, and immediately hit the asphalt and they become too ugly.

Driving in areas of Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja is not so easy considering the population density of these cities. However, in the same way that you can not teach someone to swim in a simple swimming booklet, teaching someone how to drive should be more practical than throwing a pack of keys at a child to drive the family. . Driving for the first time after graduating from driving school? Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Convenient makes perfect

What you learned in your driving school is not really the practical aspect of driving; Maybe he got to know the different types of cars and how to operate them, and he was allowed to drive in certain areas with the large L suspended on this license plate number. basic security rules.

Like everything else in life, knowledge does not stop at a study. The driving school in which you graduated is a certification that has taught you everything you need to know to drive a car, but you will need a lot of practice to be a professional. Take every opportunity to become familiar with driving. Initially, you should be accompanied by an experienced driver while driving.

Later, you can drive your family members. Drive at a speed that you know you can handle. The ease of driving at high speed is learned by experience.

2. Look before you jump

Before you even enter your car, you should examine it inside and out. Make sure it is resistant to the road. Always wear your seatbelt and demand that everyone do it. This means that you should not have more people in the car than the number of belts you have. It’s not just the car that should be 100% ready, but yourself. Finish your hair, your makeup and all the phone calls you need to make before pressing the gas. Conduct deserves all your attention, for the safety of all.

. Stay awake and alert while driving

When you start driving, you should be alert and constantly like that. Update every second on traffic conditions, road, weather, other vehicles and pedestrians. This applies to the vehicles and people in front of you and those behind you. Drive on the defensive (avoid instead of being) all the time, be it traffic lights, other vehicles or people. If you drive long distances at night, make sure you have someone with you to keep you awake. Listening to loud, catchy music could help. Do not put yourself in the driver’s seat if you are sleepy. If it makes you sleepy in the middle of the trip and there is no one with you, stop, go to a motel and sleep. Make sure to inform the people who are waiting for you. Many people have been involved in serious accidents because they have fallen asleep on wheels.

4. Always be ready for surprises

Never assume that you know the path or the terrain, even if you know it. Every time you drive, it must be a new experience. Always negotiate sharp curves carefully no matter how many times you have crossed there. Be prepared for the sudden movements that other vehicles and people can do. In this sense, you will need to develop the ability to see out of the corner of your eye.

Also, if driving in uncertain areas, keep all doors closed. In this sense, it is useful to have a car with an automatic locking mechanism that can be activated from the driver’s seat. All Innoson cars have this feature

5. Observe the traffic rules

Of course, you must know and follow the traffic rules. The most important rules to remember are not to drive when you have drunk hard drinks, never have drunk people or people drugged with you in the car. Know when to move and when to match the brakes. Remember that the people you left at home are eager to see him back unhurt.


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