5 Ghanaian Secular Music Artistes Who Have Released Top Gospel Songs

Ghanaians have, over the years, enjoyed wonderful music from some artistes whose work have stood the test of time.

MUSIGA president in a black suit and pink tie

Obour, MUSIGA president

From Hip-hop through Highlife to Rhythms and Blues (R&B), they have continued to impress us with their talents.

Notwithstanding these genres, some of them usually cross-carpet to exhibit their skills in another area of music.

We bring to you, some secular artistes, who have released lovely Gospel tunes.

1. Daddy Opanka ft Gifty Osei – Abrubro Nkosua

It is alleged that a close shave with death compelled Daddy Opanka to release a masterpiece titled Abrubro Nkosua in the year 2015. Together with Gifty Osei, they amazed Ghanaians with an inspiring level of creativity.

2. Kwabena Kwabena ft Steve Bedi – Bue Kwan

Bue Kwan’ has been adjudged by industry critics as one of the best Gospel songs ever produced in Ghana.

The lyrical content of the song has what it takes console every sorrowful soul.

3. M.anifest ft Obrafour – No Shortcut To Heaven

In this song, M.anifest teams up with Obrafuor to educate Ghanaians on the need to work hard in order to enjoy success in life.

4. Sarkodie ft Kwabena Kwabena – End Time

A song from two titans in the music industry, ‘End Time’ is essentially focused on the Judgement Day, and what to expect from it. In Sarkodie’s view, there is no point in being overly materialistic.

5. Edem ft Jay So x EL – Might Jesus

‘Mighty Jesus’, released by Edem and featuring Jay So and EL, has speaks to one’s heart, and is capable of causing goosebumps. There is a lot of important truths hidden in the lyrics of the song.

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