5 Footwear Styles For The Modern Ghanaian Men

The modern man wants to look chic and trendy. However, the style and quality of shoes play a crucial role in achieving this look.

The kind of shoes you wear speaks volumes about you without uttering a word on first meetings, and you know what they say about first impressions – you only get to make one.

Take it as the best advice ever, when you are told, “Invest in good shoes”

Below are five classic shoes you can wear to various occasions. It doesn’t make you feel underdressed; neither does it make you look overdressed. Nothing more than the chic and trendy you.

See below shoes types for the modern man.

Loafer-Black: This shoe can be worn to the office, dinner parties and weddings

Loafer: This is something casual and it is suitable for weddings and parties.

Canvas:This is an everyday wear for the beach,parties and tours

Vintage Shaded Shoe: This is an exclusive for weddings and dinner.

Oxford: Suitable for business, dinner and wedding.
Photo Credit – Saint Ozwald.

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