5 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Put A Smile On Your Darling Man’s Face

One way to truly enjoy Christmas, anywhere, is to spend it with your special beau; whether indoors or outdoors.

As this is the season to give and love and be merry, your boyfriend, fiance or husband’s gift is something you intend to be special and heartfelt.

1. Cologne. As always, Cologne is a gift that can never go wrong. If you know what your man likes or you want to try out a new scent, there are lots of perfume shops these days that display an array of excellent Colognes for you to choose from.

Christmas gift ideas for him

2. Clothing. And no not just some boring bland shirts. African print shirts are the in things these days and if your know your partner’s size, get a lovely sewn GTP or Woodin shirt from any of the local designers around.

Christmas gift ideas for him

Getting him a full outfit is never a bad idea

3. A date. Taking him out and making the day all about him is another sure way to show love this Christmas. Go to his favorite restaurant or spend the day together enjoying his hobbies is a tried and tested gift that will be well appreciated.

Christmas gift ideas for him

4. Shoes. Official black shoes, classy sneakers, you name it. Shoes are always welcome gifts.

Christmas gift ideas for him

Classy shoes from authentic local designers is always a winner

5. Accessories. From classy cufflinks to simple hand bracelets (yes we said bracelets), and branding them with a unique element like his name or other is another sure gift that will put a smile on his face.

Christmas gift ideas for him

Stylish bracelets with a message are the most thoughtful gifts ever

Of course if you really want to go all out, there so many other gifts that you get your special man as long as it’s in your budget.

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