4 Vital Things To Consider Before You Become A Vegetarian

1. Know your motivation.
In addition to looking at the numbers, the Vegetarian Resource Group also tried to determine what motivates people to eat meals without meat .
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Vegetarians and vegans identified their reasons for their dietary choices as “animals (29 percent), health (18 percent), ethics (10 percent), environment (9 percent), and other (12 percent).”

2. Start slowly and quietly.
Don’t force yourself to make a big life change overnight. You can absolutely ease your way into a vegan diet, as Victoria Moran noted in her book Main Street Vegan.

The author spoke with Reader’s Digest about shifting to a vegan diet and suggested transitioning gradually by eliminating one animal product at a time. Alternatively, consider the “vegan at home” method, which means eating vegan at home but allowing yourself wiggle room at restaurants.

3. Find a support system.
There’s a difference between telling everyone in your social media platform about your decision to go vegan and asking a trusted friend or respected peer for help. There are a number of digital support groups for vegans where you can swap recipes, ask for tips, and complain about the haters, and they’re a great resource.

4. Get inspired.
Many people think of veganism as giving up meat and dairy, but you can just as easily frame it as the foundation for a food adventure.

The Instagram hashtag, #VeganInspiration has around 55,000 posts featuring images of people’s delicious dishes, fitness routines, and adorable critters.

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