4 Businesses You Could Start With Little Money In Ghana, If You Are Funny.

If your friends and people around you tell you you are funny or comedy is your talent, social entrepreneur Isaac Sesi shares some business ideas with you.

. 1.Be a stand-up comedian. Kevin Hart is well known for his comedy talent. My good friend, Kossi Akplah a Doctor of Pharmacy student is also a fast-rising stand-up comedian.

4 Businesses You Could Start With Little Money If You Are Funny.

2. Start a comedy podcast. Tikya Kwadwo has been able to use his excellent command of the Twi language to create a comedy podcast on his Facebook page which reaches 100,000 people every week. Companies pay him to show their ads at the end of his podcasts.

3. Write good comedy punch lines for speakers and MCs.

4.. Create short funny videos and upload on YouTube. Emmanuella is a 6-year-old girl from Nigeria famous for her YouTube comedy videos.

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