4 Amazing Ways Shrimps can Add that Special Effect to your Meals.


 Photo credit - mywekutastes.com
Are you wondering what that missing ingredient is?
Or are you searching for that last piece that makes people begin to salivate at the aroma of your cooking? Then you have to Shrimp it up. Shrimps are known for its sweet taste and lovely aroma when used in cooking. People all over the world use it for various meals for differing results.

Here are four common ways to use shrimps for your food.

Shrimps are one of the major ingredients used for preparing shito (black pepper sauce). It is often combined with powdered dried fish, powdered pepper and onions to prepare Ghana’s favorite sauce, shito.

Shrimps can be added to the preparation of one of West Africa’s popular and controversial dish– jollof. When added, it gives your jollof a distinct aroma and taste.

Vegetable sauce
Shrimps work magic when grinded and added to vegetables sauce. It could be added to the tomatoes on fire before your cut vegetables are added to the stew.

Fried Shrimps
When fried, shrimps could be eaten with banku or kenkey with red-hot pepper. It could replace your usual fish or sardine and make your meal enjoyable.

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