27 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Ghana!




Population 27 million

Capital and Largest City- Accra 4 million

President – John Mahama

Official Language – English (Local Language – Akan, Ewe, Ga)

1. Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence post-colonialism. It gained its independence on March 6, 1957

ghana-independence-arc-travel-to-see.jpg (640×443)


2. Ghana was the first sub Saharan country to come into contact with the Europeans


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3. The Ghana Empire was built on trade in salt and gold, which is why British merchants later called it the Gold Coast.


Ghana-Empire.jpg (560×316)


4. The Anglo-Ashanti War was the World’s second largest War

1823-1900 lasting for 77 years.

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5. Worlds oldest Monarchies

ashanti-formerking_e.jpg (480×375)

6. World’s largest gold producers

Ghana is Africa’s second largest producer of Gold.The Ghanaians started a lucrative trade with Ghanaian gold bars and other Ghanaian natural minerals to the Portuguese in 1471 and then the Ghanaians became the wealthiest ethnic group and nation state on the African continent from the 17th century onwards following successful further expansion of lucrative Ghanaian gold bars trading to the Dutch, Prussian and Scandinaviansfrom the 16th century through to the 20th century

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7. Ghana was ranked as Africa’s most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index

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8.  Third Lowest rate of gun ownership in the world.

Anti-gun.jpg (405×400)

9.  World’s most religious country 70% Christian Rest Muslim and other, Hindu and Buddhists   99% of the population believes in God.

church-ghana-008.jpg (460×276)

10. Friendliest Country in Africa, and one of the most friendliest countries in the World, if not the World.

Guest with a friendly fish seller.jpg (600×448)

11. Many Ghanaians like to wear Kente Cloth

Ewe_kente_stripes,_Ghana.jpg (2810×2115)


12. Ghana produces the second most cocoa beans in the world. Ivory Coast is No. 1.

cocoa-magnum-fjona-hill-2.jpg (5616×3744)


13. Many Ghanaians are named by the day of the week they are born.

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14. There are 1 million Ghanaians living abroad and remit about $ 4 billion dollars annually.

London is home to more Ghanaians than any other city outside of Ghana, New York City is second, Toronto is Third

NYAFRICANS4-master1050.jpg (1050×590)

15. In Ghana the average income is around 4000 dollars a year

Ghana-Cedis.jpg (610×430)

16. Ghana has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Africa at 2.9 percent

Ghana-workers-620x310.jpg (620×310)

17. Ghanas Aids rate is .8% and falling it is one of the first countries to more than half its rate

52510ghana aids commission.jpg (350×263)

18. Lake Volta is the world’s largest artificial lake by surface area

v3.jpg (800×525)

19. About 20% of Ghana’s land is arable

ghana_pineapple_farmland.jpg (477×352)

20. Of the 120 doctors turned out yearly from Ghana’s medical schools, 70% leave the country within two years.

ugms.jpg (532×394)

21. Cadbury — one of Britain’s largest chocolate-makers, imports 90% of its cocoa from Ghana

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22. Ghanaians spend about 51 per cent of their income on food. (2001)

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23. Apart from Muslim nations, Ghana has the lowest per capita consumption of beer in Africa, yet its brewery industry is one of the most competitive

2013-06-21-14.55.06.jpg (1936×2592)

24. 29 percent of children aged 7-14 years are engaged in economic activity

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25. Ghana is slated to be one of the worlds few cars producing countries with its local brand Kantanka

Cars Line up.jpg (1024×454)

26. Togo imports as much as 75 percent of its electricity from Ghana

electricity.jpg (620×330)

27. Ghana’s exports average around $16 billion

And the Top exports are Gold, Oil, and Cocoa

Ghana Exports:
1. gold $7.2 billion
2. oil  $3 billion

3.cocoa beans and paste 2.8 billion

gold-bars.jpg (1200×903)

Ghana’s largest imports are


cars.jpg (1600×600)


1. Cars $861 million 1. Toyota Corolla and Camry 33%

2. Nissan 13%

3. Kia 7%

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