17 Things Girls Do Often Before They Hang Out

Guys do you ever wonder what ladies do when you call them up to hit you in a club? You are all over them and they keep telling you i will be there in 10 mins, these is a usual ritual for them


In case you’ve been wondering here are the things girls do before going to the club:

1. For some reason girls have a thinking process, like do we really want to go out?

2. Then they psych each other up and when they agree, the ritual begins.



3. Yes we showered earlier but we must shower again, keeping it fresh.

4. Then looking through all the clothes for the night life.

5. But since you hate your own clothes you ask your friends if they can lend you that dress you borrow wear.

6. In short we spend so much time in a towel its ridiculous.

7. We spend 10 minutes on just applying everything that will make us smell great.

spraying perfume gif

8. This is also the time you spray your favorite perfume on.

spraying perfume gif


9. Then we try on an outfit and take a few selfies and think of changing again.

10. In the middle of it all we tend to call other people to ask what they are wearing.


11. When the outfit is agreed, some dance music must be played so we feel all sexy.


12. Brush your teeth because you’re sure your breath smells bad even though it doesn’t.

13. The hair and makeup takes so much time but when it finally looks bomb you must snap it.

14. Post a few great photos on IG to let everyone know that you and your girls are stepping out

15. Call some guys up who can entertain you that night.

16. Make sure you have your money and lipstick.

17. Then finally three hours later we are coming.

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