15 Things Every Girl Who Grew Up With Just Brothers Can Relate To

Being the only girl in a house filled with boys can be amazing and annoying at the same time

If you grew up as the only girl in a house filled with boys, you definitely understand the struggle that comes with having brothers. Sometimes, it can be fun, other times it can just be plain annoying.

1. Everybody practically forgets that you’re a girl

2. And you get caught up in their rough play all the time

3. They ruin every single chance of a relationship that you have because they’re trying to ‘protect their sister’

4. They also really hate it when guys try to hit on you

5. Or you wear revealing clothing

6. This is you when your female friends say your brothers are really cute

7. They have probably tricked you once or twice, and you’ve fallen for it

8. Sometimes, you unconsciously display some of their masculine tendencies

9. They practically turn you into their maid and make you cook and clean up after them

11. And they love making fun of you

12. Their overprotectiveness can get really annoying

13. When you were younger, playing with your brothers always included some wrestling

14. You probably love sports because of your brothers’ influence

15. Even though your brothers are annoying, you wouldn’t trade them for the world

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