13 Types Of Invigilators You Will Meet In Exam Halls

Apart from the tough question paper, the other thing that makes students uneasy is the invigilator. They can either make your exam smooth or make it a ride through hell. Let’s look at the types of invigilators you will probably meet during campus exams

1. The invigilator who forcefully takes away your booklet/answer sheet after time is up even though you haven’t finished.

2. The ones who stand behind you and intimidate you so much that you can’t even think.

3. The one who keeps reminding students of the remaining time every five minutes, causing you to panic.

4. The eagle-eyed invigilators that stand at the front but can even see your eye blinking…you can’t cheat under those ones.

5. The invigilators who correct mistakes on questions too late after you have already done them.

6. The ones who keep taking dozens of laps around the exam room like marathon runners.

7. The one who issues a million threats to scare cheaters before the exam starts

8. Those who glance at your answer booklet and ask you why it is blank. I don’t know how it’s their business

9. The chatterbox that talks too much and makes too many announcements, making you forget some answers.

10.  The lazy ones that sleep or check their phones throughout the exam because they’d rather be doing anything else than invigilating.

11. The clueless one who doesn’t even notice if anyone cheated

12. The few ones who go outside and start peeping through the window or walk in suddenly, hoping to catch a few people cheating by surprise.

13. The ‘accomplice’ who pretends to not see when students are cheating…he just lets it slide. Probably because he used to cheat too.

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