13 Struggles You Can Relate To If You’ve Lived In A Strict Hostel

There was this hostel I was put in when I started university.

It was a Catholic hostel but I still thought it would be much better than being at home. It had so many rules that I loved home even more. I felt as if I was confined to a cell that I didn’t want to be in. While it may shape you up it also drives you insane to have people lording over you and constantly trying to put you in check.

Here are struggles you can relate to if you have lived in a strict hostel:

1. Curfew was just ridiculously early and you wondered if you were a nun.

2. Meal times were so precise and you probably missed food a couple of times.

3. The food was actually disastrous.

4. You probably had to pay the guard to let you in the room you actually paid for.

5. No guests were allowed and especially the opposite sex.

6. If it was a Christian hostel you had weekly mandatory bible study.

7. You were never allowed to be loud even loud phone calls.

8. Not to mention no appliances at all, I don’t know how they’d expect people to iron clothes.

Too young

9. On top of it if you wanted to drink alcohol you’d have to sneak it in.

10. The matron would always be snoopy and want to know your every move.

11. There were certain times for watching TV and you never got to watch any.

12. There was no WiFi because you had to focus on your studies.

13. You simply couldn’t sleep in your hostel if you went out for rave.

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