123 People Report Missing Items, Including Cars From Atomic Junction Blast Area

The worst elements of society came out in the aftermath of a tragedy to loot as much as they could, taking advantage of the fear and panic caused by the blast.

According to Police, about 123 people have reported missing/stolen items, including cars, in the aftermath of the Atomic Junction gas explosion.

As the video of a chichinga seller who abandoned his meat and run home shows, fear and panic was the order of the day in the aftermath of the explosion and people just run and left everything they were doing behind when they saw the fireball and the ensuing heat.

Some got out of their cars to run, others left behind whatever they were selling. Most returned not to find their items where they left them.

“Since Saturday, we have had reports from people who probably were selling around and people who said they were in their vehicles but had to run for their lives when the explosion occurred. So far we have about three reports of missing vehicles.” Police PRO ASP Afia Tenge told Joy Fm Tuesday morning.

“And apart from that, we have had reports from people who were selling around who claimed that when they got back, they could not find their foodstuff and other items. Some have also reported the loss of monies…and so far we have had about 123 reports from people who claim they had either lost or had their properties destroyed by fire,” she added.

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