11 Things Most Wives Do When Husbands Are Away

Every woman needs some sort of freedom, Yes! It is obviously an undeniable fact and most women would agree with me.

We are married but doesn’t mean we can’t have some lone time for ourselves.

If you are the type of wife that has a strict husband, then you are yearning to do all these 11 things when your darling husband is not around.

Some wives try to be in their best version, but the moment the husbands leave, they binge on some surprising behaviors, which they normally fear would turn their husbands off.

But hey, Freedom is here atlas! Enjoy it whiles it last.

If you are young wife with no children yet, you might have done 6 out of these 11 surprises and you are busily laughing about the revelation right now.

Many wives would love to sing out loud, as they want at all hours and also tell the world that they have the best voice ever. Many wives love to eat all the decadent things in comfort, lying on the bed and watching their favorite soap operas like the kumkum Bhagya, Jodha and many more.

Spending hours becoming girly for painting nails, plucking eye brows or pairing a facial mask is all they want to do on that sunny Saturday.

4. With husbands in bed, sleeping is restricted and without them, wives just sprawl out or sleep diagonally. Most especially sleeping your best position without even a night shower can be great.

5. They take shamelessly long showers while singing and also pee whilst showering, as the toilet seat gets wet.

6. Sometimes some wives want to spend time with friends, they hardly get to see when husbands are around.

7. When husbands are not around, wives love to move around the house naked making coffee, watching TV and talking endlessly on phone.

8. Many wives love stalking their exes and old crushes online, laugh at their ugly wives or cry at their hot wives, very factual!

9. They love to go on a date with themselves, watch a new movie, drive around town, and dine out, so they don’t need to cook.

10. They want to leave the dirty utensils in the sink unwashed, after all she is just alone in the house and who cares.

11. She tidy the house when she wants, wakes up at a time she feels like. Unlike when hubby is around and you would have to be up early probably doing the chores all by yourself.

Wives need lonely times but precious moments like when hubby is around has some sweet tingling feeling, especially when you two are friends, you have a lot of things to talk about that, you don’t want to be left alone.

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