10 Favorite Dish For Different Regions

banku and okro stew

As with any culture, food is central to Ghanaian life regardless of where you are in the world. Chop bars can be found on every corner of Ghana’s towns and in some major cities abroad too, like London and New York.

From fufu to banku and gari fotor, everyone has a favourite dish and every region has its own specialties. Here is our list of Ghanaian food, tasty recipes to try and a guide to food by region:

Fufu Tuo Zafi Tsintsinga Red Red Fried yam
Banku Waakye Stew Kelewele/Tatale Fresh pepper sauce
Kenkey Jollof Shito Gari  Akepeteshie
Omo Tuo Rice Soups Bofrot  Sobolo


  • Greater Accra

The main dishes in Accra include kenkey with hot pepper and fried fish, banku with fried fish and pepper or with okro or groundnut soup, red red or yo-ko-gari, bean stew, fried plantain or tatale, omo tuo (rice balls) served with palm or groundnut soup. A Sunday afternoon special is fried yam with chofi (turkey tails) with hot, fresh pepper sauce, kebabs (meat of liver doused in spicy powder then grilled). Local drinks include asana or maize beer, palm wine, coconut juice and akpeteshie or palm wine.

  • Ashanti Region

It is said that if an Ashanti man does not eat fufu, then he has not eaten that day. Fufu with light soup and smoked fish or groundnut soup, and spicy kebabs sold by the roadside as well as banku and grilled tilapia are all staples of the Ashanti diet.

  • Western Region

The main dishes are akyeke (cassava-based, similar to couscous) served with avocado, fufu and light soup with mushroom or snails. Popular drinks are coconut juice, palm wine and akpeteshie.

  • Central Region

The main dishes include fante dorkunu (kenkey with fish and gravy), fufu and palmnut soup, jollof rice, fante fante (palm oil stew with small fresh fish) and tatale (friend plantain cakes), ampesi and oto (mashed yam).

  • Volta Region

The regional dishes include akple with okro soup, fufe with palmnut soup, abolo with shrimps and one man thousand, banku with okro stew or pepper, red red and fried plantain. Volta tilapia is a speciality and can be found both by the roadside and in the riverside hotels along the Volta.

  • Brong Ahafo Region

Fufu with nkontomire soup, plantain and cocoyam ampesi.

  • Northern Region

Tuo zaafi, known as TZ, omo tuo or rice ball with groundnut or green leaves soup, beans or cowpea with sheanut oil and pepper called tubaani, koko or millet/corn porridge eaten with koose (fried bean cakes). Beverages include pito, a locally brewed beer made from millet, zom kroom or toasted millet flour in water and fula mashed in water, milk, ginger and sugar.

banku and okro stew

  • Upper West Region

Tuo Zafi , omo tuo or rice balls with groundnut soup or green leaves soup, beans, and cowpea or tubaani koko with koose . Beverages include pito and zom kroom.

  • Eastern Region

The Eastern Region is  a diverse region and this is reflected in its cuisine – everything is eaten here from fufu to omo tuo to tsintsinga.

  • Upper East Region

See Upper West Region above.

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