10 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In Ghana This Year

Christmas is right around the corner and Ghanaians like any other country loves to celebrate Christmas in grand style.

The majority of Ghanaians are Christians and so when it’s time for Christmas, every household wish to be a part of it, but it is not every place in Ghana that you will enjoy your Christmas.

These 10 places, however, are the best places you will love to be during this yuletide.

1. Accra

Accra is where all the fan is, the place where most of the events will take place and the capital city is now clothed in more entertainment grounds to make the Christmas more exciting.

Image Credit: Dentons.com

Image Credit: Dentons.com


2. Kumasi

Kumasi next to the capital city is another place where Christmas will be enjoyed by many, thanks to the new ultra-modern Rattray Park, families will have a nice place to have their picnic and also there are a lot of restaurants in town and of course, it is next stop for more events.

rattway park


3. Nkawkaw

The people of Nkawkaw loves to chill and so to them every day is Christmas but when it is that time of the year, they love to come out in their numbers to celebrate it. They also have a lot of places where many can entertain themselves. Although the paragliding only happens during Easter, it will be better to open it this Christmas to attract more patrons and that will make it one of the best places to be.

nkwakaw ghana


4. Takoradi

Thanks to the oil money, most of the people in this part of the world will love to spend and being part of the spending will make it the best place to be.

takoradi market circle

Image: flickr.com


5. Elmina

The people of Elmina actually celebrate Buronya as a festival around the same time we celebrate the Christmas and this will attract more people from far and beyond to celebrate the occasion and you wouldn’t want to be left out.

Photo Credit: Bob Pixel/Emmanuel Bobbie Photography

Photo Credit: Bob Pixel/Emmanuel Bobbie Photography


6. Tema

If there is one place that will be interesting to be during this Christmas, then Tema can’t be left out. Being the hub of the country where most ships dock, fun is the best name to describe the place during this Christmas and you wouldn’t want to miss out.


Image: Frans Lanting


7. Senchi

Royal Senchi is one of the best places to be this Christmas. Being the only Resort at that part of the world and a good hideout for those who wish to escape from all the noise in the city, The Royal Senchi hotel will be the right place to be this Christmas especially with a loved one.

royal senchi

Photo: JumiaTravel


8. Aburi Mountains

Aburi has the best weather during Christmas, almost like winter and with the new hotel out there adding a lot of touch to that perfect environment alongside the all popular Aburi Gardens, Aburi should be one of the places you would want to be this X’Mas.


9. Gomoa

We all know White Sands provides the best environment for relaxation and with all the fun there, you wouldn’t want to miss it. There are also a couple of beach resorts along the shores of Gomoa.

white sands

Photo: WhiteSandsHolidays


10. Ada

If you really want to be a part of the jet ski experience, then Ada will be the best place to be this Christmas, especially for the adventurous ones.

mzbel jet ski

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