WTF! Nigerian Man Spent Ghc100,000+ On Drinks In A Club To Celebrate New Year

There are some people in this world who see Ghc20,000 as ordinary Ghc20 and so when they are spending money, they spend it they pluck them from trees. There is this story about a man who spent N7.4 million on drinks on New Year day in a club in Nigeria.

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Now if we are to convert the amount to Ghana cedis, that’s some whopping Ghc 101,110.87  there and someone just spent it all on expensive drinks in just one day but you have not seen common Ghc3,000 in your entire existence…LOL

Such a crazy world right? 

According to the invoice (attached below), the said big boy who goes by the name Yankee spent a whooping N7.4 million on drinks totaling about 40!

He spent ₦4.5m on 18 bottles of Ace of Spade Rose gold drink, ₦400,000 on 2 bottles of Ace of Spade Brut, ₦2m on 10 bottles of Krystal Champagne and another ₦500,000 on 10 bottles of Belaire Rose totaling about ₦7.4m

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