Traditional Photographer’s Business In The Face Of Smart Phones

Photographer's Business In The Face Of Smart Phones

Photography business in Ghana has over the years seen a tumultuous change.

Gone are the days when the only source of photography was the traditional point and shoot man. Nowadays, the business has evolved with more sophisticated cameras being introduced on the market.

The market can now boast of 3D cameras among others.

Not just has high or advanced cameras changed the face of photography in Ghana but has brought come exceptionally good touch to images.

Today, one of the biggest rivals of the traditional photographer in Ghana is a smartphone.

Some smart phones are can create miracles with just a simple click. Smart phones are handy and can perform at places cameras may not have a face.

Traditional photographers are the regular point and shoot people with not so sophisticated equipment.

Pulse Business spoke to Kwame Addo a traditional photographer at Opkonglo, Accra.

Kwame Addo

Addo is a 48 year old man who has been in the business for about 30 years. He tells me that he understudied his late uncle  right when he left elementary school.

Addo appreciates the fact that the photography business has over the years evolved tremendously.

” Now there are equipment which used not to be in the system but now there are. There are softwares to enhance images. Smart phones are  also a competition”

Business of photography is not all about pictures with no money. But how different is the patronage now?

Well before, I used to get alot of people who come here for family photos, passport pictures and what have you, but now the story is different.

Churches and weddings were my hotspot but now I barely make good returns from such places, he added.

Sometimes people even come here with their photos on their phones for me to print for them.

Addo says “I charge GHC 5 for an instant six passport pictures and with the full shots i charge 5 cedis for a photo”.

I used to employ two people but now they are all gone because we do not make enough for me to pay them.

I keep losing out, he concluded.

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