Top 11 Embarrassing Quotes By Ghanaian Politicians


1. Sam George, a presidential staffers’ response to a man in a wheelchair.

Responding to Mr. Greenstreet’s criticism against the NDC government , Mr. George wrote on his facebook wall:

“Ivor Greenstreet apparently needs some elevation to see the Better Ghana.”


2. Alhaji Halidu Haruna on single Ghanaian celebrities.


3. NDC MP for Lower Manya Krobo on dumsor.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Lower Manya Krobo on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ebenezer Teye Larbi says he was surprised at the exaggeration given to the effects of Ghana’s energy crisis. According to him:

“Only the poor complain about dumsor.”


4. Former Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah on doctors strike.

“These professions are a calling. When I joined the army to die to save Ghana, it wasn’t because of the money…so when you want to be a doctor you must survive but money shouldn’t be the sole reason of you being a doctor otherwise you go and play football, you go to China and join Asamoah Gyan and make money”.


5. Mrs Amissah-Arthur, wife of the vice presidents response to a headmistress asking for chalk for her school.

“The Head teacher has shocked me…she said you lack chalk and log books…I am very shocked that you are today asking me about chalk…how much is a box of chalk…I won’t give you chalk today, I won’t give you chalk tomorrow.

“…Design a database of old students of the school and together with the PTA and teachers, provide your own chalk…”


6. Betty Mould on the skewed manner in which the Media in the Ashanti region report the achievements of the NDC government.

“..Sometimes when I listen to the radio and I hear the things that are said on the radio, I feel pained, I feel pained that I am an Ashanti. I wonder why we can’t value what we have. I wonder why we can’t acknowledge that in Africa, Ghana is number one and among the top five countries.”

She later apologized for her statement.


7. The minister of power, Kwabena Donkor responding to questions about the end of dumsor.

“If President Mahama says dumsor will be over very soon, why don’t you ask him? Am I his spokesman?”


8. Akua Donkor on the source of Ghana’s economic challenges.

“Whoever will say Boys abr3 under president Mahama must be a stranger…Boys abr3 started from President Kwame Nkrumah. He changed our currency from pounds to cedis…then the boy’s started suffering till date.

Under President Mahama, there is no suffering in Ghana. He is the only president who under his tenure, nothing has been difficult in this country. God has really blessed him. Ghanaians should pray for him and vote for him in 2016. He is the God Chosen one for Ghana,” she stated.


9. Akua Donkor on the death of Atta Mills

In a new interview, Akua Donkor says President John Dramani Mahama should make available a report on how former President Evans Atta Mills died—failure to do so means, Mahama himself is connected to Atta Mills’ death.


10. Saani Daara, GFA Communications Director on the demise of Ghana football league.

“Twi Speaking Stations Have Destroyed The Ghana League- Saani Daara”


11. Agric minister Fifi Kwetey on the continued decline in the contribution of agriculture to Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

“If you do any proper analysis of what happens all over the world, what you know is that as economies transform and emerge, agricultural transformation to GDP all over the world comes down. It is not supposed to be a doomsday scenario.”

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