This is the amount of money African men are being paid to donate sperms

– An informal advert which has been making rounds on social platforms has previously called on willing Kenyan men to donate their sperms

– With the hard pressing economic times that are January, many a men jumped onto it, hoping to make that extra shilling

Kenyan men have been tripping the past week over an advert that appeared on social platform asking sperm donors to visit select clinics in Nairobi.

This is how much you get paid for donating sperm in Nairobi

While it is not entirely un-heard of in Kenya, the idea of a Kenyan man walking to a clinic to donate sperm is still discussed in hushed tones, privately.

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A user who shared his experience on social media answered the question that most Kenyan men needed answers to.

This is how much you get paid for donating sperm in Nairobi

His phallus,according to what he narrated, was connected to some sort of a suction pump much like the one that milks cows.

A session of donation like the one he participated in earned him a clean KSh 14,000.


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