See the pastor who rolls around with heavily armed bodyguards

There are so many weird things going on in our environment. It is amazing how people tend to be gullible even when they have all it takes to see and make their own decisions.

See the pastor who rolls around with heavily armed bodyguards

The pastor and his bodyguards

In this part of the world, people believe so much in pastors and spiritual leaders. There are so many faults in our system. Most people have become delusional because they allow themselves to be pushed by the spiritual leaders they have so much faith in.

It is pathetic that we worship spiritual leaders in the part of the world because we do not think our level of spirituality can be measured to theirs.

With all due respect, the spiritual leaders we have in the society should be seen as models and not people who are taking advantage of the fact that they are revered.

They should be leaders whose lifestyles should be worthy of emulation and not the fake ministers who are philanderers and promoters of social ills.

Many of these people do not even practice what they preach. They will rather lead their followers on and look for physical ways of enjoying life to the fullest.

Of what use is it asking the congregation to depend on the fruits of the spirit when they obviously prefer to get filled with the physical fruits? How else can one explain the atrocities committed by the so called men of God in the society.

The picture in this post has sparked heated debates between groups of people. It is mind boggling that a pastor will be surrounded by these numbers of bodyguard. Politicians who elope with looted funds still try to appear simple to the public not to talk of ordained ministers.

What happened to being dependent on the word of God and following the lines in the holy books? Why has this man sought the protection the protection of mortal men when he could have left all those God, the author and finisher of his faith.

These and many more have been the thoughts of people who have seen the picture ever since it surfaced. If a pastor could have stern looking men around him as bodyguards, then the level of deception that comes with the sales of anointed stickers and wrist bands is high.

Yet, some people wear these wrist bands like their lives depend on them even though the pastor who prayed on them goes about with fierce looking men as protectors. Indeed, only God knows His true worshippers.

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