Let’s rally behind President-elect — Rev. Adjei Aboagye

The General Overseer of the Victorious Light Chapel International, Rev. Ishmael Adjei Aboagye, has called on Ghanaians  to rally behind the President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his administration.

He said once the election was over, it was necessary for the nation to unite as one people with a common destiny.

Delivering a sermon last Sunday, he said whatever happened under Nana Akufo-Addo’s  term would affect everybody in the country and, therefore, called on all Ghanaians to support his administration.

“The way we perceive Ghana is the same way it will be so we should be positive and think positive about the country so that we can see positive things,” he stated.

Rev. Adjei Aboagye called on all the political parties to, “Help the current administration to succeed because one political party cannot build Ghana alone.”

“You do your part and some other party will also come and continue with where you left off, so whenever there is a change in authority, we all need to support the new administration. This is because the new administration will definitely build on what the past one has done,” he added.

Call on religious bodies

Rev. Adjei Aboagye also called on all religious bodies, chiefs and traditional rulers to offer their full support to the new administration.

He also urged the new administration to pay attention to the religious bodies in the country because one thing that had united this nation was religion.

“While religion has divided certain nations, religion has united us and I, therefore, urge the new government to remember these religious bodies in its administration,” he mentioned.

Support for the youth

The general overseer also advised Christians to use the Christmas season to reconcile, forgive and reflect on what happened in 2016.

“Let us take this opportunity to have time for our youth and be there for them and advise them. Never neglect the youth, let’s stand in the gap for the next generation,” he stated.

He urged parents to take their responsibilities seriously by taking good care of and being close to their children.

Arise and shine

Rev. Aboagye-Agyei also admonished Ghanaians to work hard in the coming year.

“Let us work hard in the new year because everything depends on us. We should pray and depend on God while forgetting about what has happened in 2016. Let us press on, arise and shine,” he stated.

He is of the belief that hard work, coupled with the glory of God, could change the country and Africa as a whole.

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