Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Says NPP Will Suffer The Worst Defeat Ever In The 2016 Election!

John Dumelo has stated categorically that Ghanaians are impressed with the performance of the NDC and as a result, the NPP will suffer worst defeat ever!

Popular Ghanaian and Nollywood actor, John Dumelo, has confidently said that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will record the lowest turnout of votes from Ghanaians this year. According to him, the performance of the ruling National Democratic Congress is glaringly visible to all, thereby making the opposition party’s promise of change of no effect.

John Dumelo made these statements at Aveyim during the campaign launch of second time aspiring parliamentary candidate for the North Tongu constituency of the Volta region, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

Speaking at the event, the ace actor said the NPP will suffer worst defeat ever recorded in their history at the December 7 polls. According to Dumelo, majority of Ghanaians are very much satisfied with the performance of the ruling party and as such, do not need the NPP’s message of change.

The actor wondered the type of change the NPP is talking about when virtually everyone is seeing the massive projects embarked upon by the NDC in the last four years. He therefor concluded that the so-called change must be a backward one.

This year will be the worst performing year for the NPP when it comes to the election. They will get the lowest vote ever because Ghana is deciding and Ghana has decided. So what kind of change are they talking about when we see all the projects around, and they say change is coming. That means the change is backward and we want forward change.

Supporting John Dumelo’s opinion, Samuel Okudzeto said that Voltarians will not be influenced by the NPP’s promises, owing to the fact that the region is already experiencing massive development under the NDC. Mr Ablakwa made a nonsense of NPP’s manifesto promises such as the 1 district-1 factory, 1 village-1 dam and 1 constituency-1 million dollars.

According to him, such promises cannot be compared with the value of the projects the ruling party have embarked on in the first four years of the Mahama-led administration. Buttressing this point, Mr Ablakwa pointed out that President Mahama spent over $70 million only on road construction in the North Tongu Constituency.

Making reference to the “one constituency, $1 million”, he explained that the Senior High School which was constructed in the area is worth more than GhC7 million. As for the one village, one dam promise, Okudzeto told the people that they already have modern irrigation facilities with underground canals.

He therefore urged all party loyalists to work hard in the propagation of the party’s meassage so as to enable them achieve the targeted 97% votes in the region.

John Dumelo has been relentless in his campaign for the National Democratic Congress. Despite all odds, the actor has remained devoted to the course.


John Dumelo working hard to see to it that the NPP will suffer worst defeat in the 2016 elections.



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