Is DVLA Deliberately Failing Drivers License Applicants?

Is DVLA Deliberately failing people?

Is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) deliberately failing people who are in desperate need of a driver’s license?

This is the question on the minds of many Ghanaians who after several attempts to secure a license have been unable to do so.

For some, they have had to fork out monies as much as 500 Ghana Cedis to pay their way through in order to pass the DVLA exams.

This procedure does not seem new, as many driving school administrators are even aware and assist applicants who are in dire need of a license without the several backs and forth.

People are perhaps now more willing to speak about the situation especially with the current government’s resolve to nip corruption in the bud.


Is DVLA Deliberately failing people?

But with the DVLA denying such claims and a few having passed through the exam system without any hiccup, the situation appears dicey.

Nevertheless, many failed applicants still believe that the system is being manipulated and without any available cash, they would not sail through.

Some have since been sharing their experiences on social media with Daily Graphic’s Aku Banesseh. Below are some of them:


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